Indoor Locations


174 First Ave

Please note that 174 First Ave is a new location for KV Dance Studio (it used to be at 108 Third Ave).

Most classes are held in the Purple Studio.

Saturday morning classes are held in the Pink Studio.

Free parking can be found on side streets, a few hundred metres away from Bank St. Paid parking can be found on Bank St, on side streets close to Bank St and in the Parking Garage at Bank and Second Ave (behind the Metro). Parking is only 1 hour parking on First Ave, but is 2 hour parking on Second and Third Ave.

As the studios are used by many people throughout the day, we would like to keep them clean by using indoor shoes. Please leave your outdoor coats, shoes and boots at the coat rack at the top of the stairs.

Please note that it is against the fire code to have strollers in the building. Please feel free to lock up your strollers outside.

Outdoor Locations


Brewer Park 

Baseball Diamond

The Brewer Park baseball diamond is located on the east side of Bronson (across from Carleton University). Coming from Bronson, enter the park at the traffic lights beside Carleton U (not the lights at Sunnyside). You'll need to take the first right turn immediately as you enter the park and head to the parking lot beside the baseball diamond, where we meet. 

Please note: the pin on the map below does not quite reflect the area of the park we meet in.



Windsor Park

Windsor Ave

You can access Windsor Park via Windsor Ave, off of Riverdale. There is a parking lot at the end of Windsor Ave and we meet in the clearing surrounded by trees, to the north of the parking lot. Additional parking can be found on Riverdale or Belmont.